An Introduction to Bali Wedding

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Until now Bali remains the top choice for the location of the wedding vows loyalty through. Even long ago, pre wedding photos were done on the island of a thousand temples. The desire to obtain a memorable wedding ceremony was welcomed by some hotel or villa, where some of them provide Bali wedding package are formulated with some of the concepts, ranging in vicarious wedding chapel or magnificent wedding on the beach. Do you want to carry it on the edge of the beach with the sunset accompanied by exotic scenery? By now, we have seen Bali as a perfect small paradise where romantic atmosphere can be built in around harmonized scenery, and such will be likely to continue in the future.

Why so many chose Bali as the island where wedding ceremony should take place? Well, it is likely because Bali has long been known for their beauty like no equal in the world. Two things, namely the indigenous wealth and natural beauty has long been an attraction for tourists, besides the image of Bali as a tourist destination. Furthermore, Bali is also a main destination for those who want to enjoy the honeymoon and also be a destination for those who want to get married in the island. Bali wedding, at the same time, mainly related with the concept of luxury wedding ceremony. When you intend to do wedding in Bali, you must realize that the wish is going to cost you a lot than if you choose to engage wedding ceremony in Jakarta, for example. It is true that Bali seemingly perfect to hold sacred wedding ceremony, but in fact, you cannot afford to pay the entire ceremony if you do not bring full pocket with all the money inside of it. However, we do not mean to break your spirit (if you already have one), but you have to be a reasonable one.

If you do have the intention to engage wedding ceremony in Bali, then there will be plenty wedding organizers you can find easily. Most of them offer different wedding packages at various prices, and they already stand on the line of internet world. It means you can search them easily by exploring the internet world. In sum, services of a wedding planner in Bali are something that can be found easily. Marriage trend in Bali is increasing from year to year. Packages offered by each organizer is also highly variable and can be adjusted with the budget and needs of the wedding itself. In addition to the wedding package in Bali there are also plenty of places to take pre-wedding photo. Married in Bali also recognized by the local government or other civil records in all parts of Indonesia, with the records of the bride has met all the necessary documents, such as: copy of valid ID of the bride and groom, copy of birth certificate, a letter explaining that you are single or free to get married, and the marriage form. You can find out about some other conditions by contacting a particular wedding consultant that you choose.

Some Spots to Engage Bali Wedding

There are some beautiful places in Bali that are suitable for weddings. At the top of the list there is Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran with beautiful sea views. Located in Nusa Dua, Uluwatu Tirtha becomes the next favorite destination for a wedding. Still in Uluwatu area, there is a place called Tirtha Luhur Uluwatu. In there, there is a private villa that stood on the land area of 3000sqm. The villa is equipped with various facilities, such as the wedding pavilion, interconnecting indoor and outdoor dining locations, wedding pavilion, relaxation gazebo, swimming pool, bar, and commercial kitchen. Located in Nusa Dua, Ocean Blue Hotel became another option for those who want to get married in Bali. With semi-outdoor buildings, the bride and the guests will be brought to feel the romance that is created in Bluemoon Chapel and Villa. Other places such as Alila Villas in Uluwatu bring an exotic ambience to the wedding ceremony. Sprawling lawns and extensive gardens with beautiful ocean views makes the wedding feel intimate and romantic. You can choose one of these places if you intend to engage wedding ceremony in Bali.