Bali Wedding Photographer // Catch the Sun Beauty in Bali

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For your wedding, Bali could be the perfect place to say the vow. The island is all about mesmerizing beauty, both the nature and the culture. If you need idea for best pre-wedding photo in Bali or for making your wedding photo incredible, catch the sun beauty is something to consider. The beauty of Bali sunrise and sunset as the background of your wedding photos could bring magic to your remembrance. Of course, to have sunrise or sunset as the background is not easy. You need to talk with your Bali wedding photographer and your wedding organizer if you want to do it.

The best timing is the most important thing when you want to catch the sunrise or sunset. If you only want it for your pre-wedding photos, it could be easier to organize but if you want it for your wedding, you will find it more complicated, especially if you want to have the sunrise. Sunrise in Bali is around 6a.m. less or more minutes depend on the date. That means you need to prepare the ceremony very early and your guests may not able to come so early in the morning. For sunset, the time is around 6 p.m. You can check the exact time in the internet.

In Bali, several places will give you the best sunrise and sunset view. Sanur Beach is one best place for sunrise. The other choices are Amed and Pemuteran. If water do not attract you and you love adventure, Mount Batur will give you the best sunrise from the top of volcano. For the choice of sunset places, you can get more options and could be easier. Kuta, the famous beach in Bali could give you the sunset you want. If you want lovely sunset completed with Bali culture, Tanah Lot is the choice but you need to prepare that many people would be there for the sunset most times. If you want to have quiet wedding, you maybe need to go a little bit far out from Bali to go to Nusa Lembongan Island.

However, when you decide to catch the beauty of the sun for your wedding photos, you need to be ready for disappointment. Cloud as well as the rain could destroy your plan, especially since weather is getting uncertain lately. You need to create plan B, at least to make your wedding save. For sure, you need to pray for your luck that everything ready for the photo shoot on time and that nothing would block the beauty of the sun rising or setting.