Bali Wedding Photography from Before to After

bali wedding photography court and mae-140
Bali wedding photography could give you anything you need related to wedding photography. From the time before the wedding when you need pre-wedding photos to the time when you say the vow and after years of wedding when you renew the vow, Bali would give you the best background and the best photographer in Bali will take the best pictures of you to be remembered. Your pre-wedding photos would be amazing to be put on the wedding set, your wedding photos would be incredible to be put on a frame you hang it on the bedroom wall, and your anniversary photos would be miraculous to be put next to your wedding photo.

The reason to choose Bali is for the enchanted natures. Of course, Bali is well known for its beautiful beaches that mean you can have beach wedding. However, Bali is more than just beaches since you can have the beauty of mountain, lake, and river as the background of your wedding photos. Bali rice fields are also good idea for beautiful photos since you can have the nature combined with Balinese culture. Whether you want it to be green, blue or colorful, Bali nature will make your wedding photos outstanding.

Besides nature, you can have Bali culture as the reason why you want to have wedding in Bali. People of Bali are good in maintaining their culture. You can see it on every corner of Bali. Not only the temples and traditional houses that give you noticeable cultural signs but in every building and many spots, you will see touch of Balinese arts on them. Even some people wear traditional outfit, especially Balinese headwear for the male. When you have culture of Bali on your wedding photo, people can easily recognise it as Bali.

If you want to have pre-wedding shoots, you can choose several places to take the pictures. If you want, you can have complete Bali on your pre-wedding. Nonetheless, for your wedding ceremony and vow renewal ceremony, you can only choose one perfect place to hold the ceremony. Before you decide where the ceremony will take place, you need to make research about the available places for wedding so you can compare and choose the best. The photographer will follow you to wherever you want for the shoot. However, do not forget to set up schedule for the photographer so everything will run smooth. In addition, photographer commonly needs to come and check the venue before the wedding date in order to check out the location and find the best angles.